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2016 Submissions

Siege of Valhalla Experimental Song
For Sky (A Galaxy of Warm Stars) Ambient Song
Stardust Bump Hip Hop - Modern Song
Heat. Window. Break. Jump. Hip Hop - Modern Song
Exiled King Hip Hop - Modern Song
She's On the Phone Industrial Song
Open Mouth Hip Hop - Modern Song
"Johnny" General Rock Song
The Good Punk/Bad Punk Routine Punk Song
"Aqualectric" Ambient Song
"Snowmen For the Win" Punk Song
Dead's the New 20 (9/29/10) Ambient Song
"Parachutes" Ambient Song
"Strangers With Candy" ft.Erik Goth Song
"Compasses Dont Work in Space" Ambient Song
"Just Got Sky-Jacked" Miscellaneous Song
Black&WhiteAreHerFavoriteColor Ambient Song
"Road to Tomorrow" Miscellaneous Song
"Man Down" Ambient Song
"2010" Ambient Song
"Static Blinds" General Rock Song
... And Chaos Burned The Skies General Rock Song
"Longing Sands" Ambient Song
"Memories for Sale" Ambient Song
Windshield General Rock Song
Memories For Sale (wip) Ambient Song
The Last Time I Blinked... Ambient Song
"The Bacon Song" Classical Song
Friends & Deception Don't Mix General Rock Song
As Her Smile Faded... Ambient Song
"Sailboats" General Rock Song
"I'll Meet You In My Dreams" General Rock Song
"Stalking Shadows" Ambient Song
"Destructive Harmony" General Rock Song
"On The Wind" General Rock Song
"Irony and a Winter Skyline" Ambient Song
Halo3-Never Forget(RockClimax) General Rock Song
"The Snowflake Designer" Miscellaneous Song
The Stars,They Sing Their Song Ambient Song
"Her Eyes Like Fire..." General Rock Song
Masks and Guns Ambient Song
Sorrow Sunset Ambient Song
Smile 4 Me (Improved Version) Ambient Song
.:.This is the End.:. Miscellaneous Song
"Telepath" Ambient Song
"Kingdom in the Sky" General Rock Song
"With or Without You" Ambient Song
Dream Theory General Rock Song
Everything is a Circle Hip Hop - Modern Song
Radical Distortion Industrial Song
The Beauty of Simplicity Hip Hop - Modern Song
[++Darkness Rising++] Miscellaneous Song
DreamKatcher- "Shades of Blue" Ambient Song
**{ Childhood Memories }** General Rock Song
**Time Machine** General Rock Song
Let The World Work Its Magic Ambient Song
Let's Run Through The Rain Ambient Song
Shooting Stars Are Angel Tears Ambient Song
Give Me a Sign Ambient Song
-_'.'.'.Kites in Space.'.'.'_- Ambient Song
Don't Wait For Me General Rock Song
Seaside Town Indie Song
A Beach in Space Trance Song
Cloud Jumping Ambient Song
...Spaceship... Ambient Song
Creation and Creator Ambient Song
Stars, Time, and Perspective Ambient Song
{DK} Insomniac General Rock Song
{DK} Delaware Vacation Ambient Song
{DK} Color (Ambient) Ambient Song
{DK} Beyond The Stars Classical Song
{DK} The Northern Lights Trance Song
{DK} Fading Away Hip Hop - Modern Song
{DK} Halloween Party General Rock Song
{DK} VX Thunder Heavy Metal Song
{DK} Snow Day Punk Song
{DK} Distortion Wars Drum N Bass Song
{DK} GliTcH Trance Song
{DK} Be Good To Us Hip Hop - Modern Song
{DK} Haven Trance Song
{DK} Touching the Stars Ambient Song
{DK} Painted Skies Trance Song
{DK} 24 Theme (Katcher Mix) Miscellaneous Song
{DK} Nova Trance Song
{DK} Saving the World Trance Song
{DK} New Friends Miscellaneous Song
{DK} The RainMaker Ambient Song
{DK} Cascading Waters Ambient Song
{DK} Fool Me Once(Katcher Mix) Trance Song
{DK} Floating Classical Song